Ruben Cespedes Design Process

My Design Process

Throughout my career as a product designer I have learned that good design is not created in a moment of inspiration or with a magic wand. Nowadays anyone can design something that aesthetically looks good, but do you think it works?

For a well-designed product to work, collaboration between multiple teams and your end users is required. The way I start my design process is by doing a discovery session with stakeholders, developers, designers, project managers, product owners and technical managers. Understanding the problem is the first and one of the most important pillars of this process. Second would be an analysis and research to find the best solutions to the problem and define IA, UX and product flow. Third step would be the design of prototypes, wireframes, style tiles and usability tests. The fourth step would be the development of the product in which I fully involve myself to be sure that the designs and the product developed are exactly what the client approved.

After the development and rigorous tests, the next step would be the launch of the product and the evaluation that covers business metrics, analytics, user feedback and bug reports.

A good product requires a deep knowledge of the users and their goals. Conducting research, talking to users, collaborating with different teams, and testing prototypes is necessary to keep the project on the right track. For a product to be successful there must be excellent communication with your team, stakeholders and end-users.

Ruben Cespedes Design Process Collage